We are a creative studio for which design thinking is the basis of all actions. Thanks to our fresh perception and focus on the needs of our clients, we are able to extend the perspectives for each project.

Our studio is located in Tarnowskie Góry, in a historic tenement house, which thanks to its atmosphere creates an ideal space for new ideas.
Our team consists of people with passion. Creative, open to new solutions, well-coordinated and, above all, multi-tasking. We face various challenges looking for new, unconventional solutions. We create ideas and implement them in practice. Thanks to the flexible model of cooperation and involvement of the entire team, we build lasting relationships with our clients for years.

We spend one
third of the time together…

Not only at work but also outside. The friendly atmosphere is conducive to creativity. Our successes are common and we are happy with every well-done realization .. We help each other, exchange ideas and opinions, because we believe that each of us works on the final result of each order.
We like spending time together, taking various activities, wandering in the mountains, together celebrating birthdays, name days, weddings and Christmas. We are a team, but most of all we are a group of cool people who just like each other.

If you would like to become a part of our team, you are creative, have a sense of humor, can work in a team, write to us. We are looking for people with passion, so besides cv and your portfolio, write a few words about yourself – what are you interested in, how you spend your free time, whether you are open to challenges and, of course – do you want all our successes to become yours as well.

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